Monitoring offshore structure

Omikron Load Links monitor the loads on a seaweed cultivation structure at the North Sea Farmers Offshore Test Site. This way we gain insight in the forces that can occur in the harsh environment the sea can be.


Monitoring ponds

In cooperation with Waterschap De Dommel Omikron Solutions monitors temperature, EC, pH and dissolved oxygen at a pond in Nuenen. The measurements provide insight in the amount of eutrophication and the effectiveness of water maintenance.

De Digitale Stad

‘De Digitale Stad’

The municipality of Rotterdam is developing a digital environment ‘De Digitale Stad‘ to provide data of the city to its inhabitants. A pilot was initiated to forward and visualize data within the Digitale Stad website.

Building with nature

Building with nature

Improvements are made to the profile of the Nieuwe Waterweg near Rotterdam to create the right conditions for flora and fauna to flourish. Dams are placed to influence the current and allow for sludge to settle. Vegetation, biodiversity will increase.

In cooperation with the municipality of Rotterdam, Omikron measurement buoys were placed at ‘De Groene Poort’. These provide insight in flow velocity and direction. Other parameters such as temperature and electrical conductivity are measured.

We can take care of your measurement campaign

Is there a project in which you need to gain insight in surface water? Whether it is a large or small project, we are happy to support you. We are willing to contribute to the project plan, take care of delivery and placement and help with maintenance and data processing. Just let us know your wishes and requirements and we will help you!

Measurement campaign


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