Load Link deployed

Load Links at North Sea

Projects | December 10, 2020

Two Load links are deployed at the North Sea. We look forward to retrieving the results!

GPS location available

Omikron Load Links

Products | November 4, 2020

New and available now! The submersible load link measures the load on offshore structures

GPS location available

GPS available

Products | August 17, 2020

New feature! Locate your measurement devices easily with GPS coördinates.

Measuring impact Bio-Dredging

Monitoring ponds

Projects | April 7, 2020

Omikron measurement units monitor a pond in Nuenen. The units measure pH, D.O. and E.C. These parameters provide insight into the amount of activity in the water.

New measurements available!

New measurements available!

Products | March 18, 2020

Last weeks we have been working on the integration of some new measurements. It is now possible to include pH, Dissolved Oxygen and Oxygen Reduction potential to the Omikron system. Interested? Please contact us!


Graph Dokhaven

Insights | Januari 24, 2020

The measurement buoy at the Dokhaven is generating data. One of the measured parameters is the direction of the flow. Shown is a graph of the period 22-11-2019 until 24-01-2020.

Duration tests Dokhaven

Continuous testing Dokhaven

Projects | November 29, 2019

At the Dokhaven, part of the Nieuwe Waterweg, an Omikron V measurement unit is deployed! We will test the buoy and the duration at a message frequency of 10 mnutes. We will keep you informed!

Temperature graph

Temperature graph

Insights | December 4, 2018

The Omikron measurement units placed at the Nieuwe Waterweg are equipped with a few sensors, among them temperature. The graph shows the temperature of the water near the surface during a few days.

Groene Poort

Groene Poort

Projects | October 16, 2018

Omikron measurement units are placed at the Nieuwe Waterweg, near Rozenburg. This project is based on 'building with nature'. We look at the impact of the new constructed dams at the site. The units measure for instance flow speed and flow direction.

Digitale stad

Digitale stad

Projects | July 10, 2018

Together with the municipality of Rotterdam we worked at the possiblity to make the data generated by the measurement units available to the public. We succeeded in sending our data to the digital platform 'De Digitale Stad'.

Flow speed and direction

Flow speed and direction

Products | June 4, 2018

We added two sensors to the Omikron system. By making use of the mooring line of the units we derive the direction of the water current. Two protrusions measure the flow speed. These measurements provide more insight into the dynamics of surface waters.

Floating measuremet units

Floating measurement units

Products | March 10, 2018

Let us introduce the Omikron measurement units. With new technology it is possible to deploy floating measurement units that are equipped with sensors and send data real-time over the air. These low-cost units generate many indicative measurements providing insight into waterways. Just-in-time input for water management..


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