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Get more insight into the forces that play a role in in your system. The submersible load link measures the load on offshore structures.

Features: Frequent measurement of loads
Logger for storing measurements
Can be placed in an offshore / aquatic system
Versions: With floater
Without floater
Typical delivery: Load link with water proof electronics enclosure
Includes logger
Instructions for placement and maintenance

Dimensions ∅470 x 350 mm
Weight load link 16 kg
Precision load link ± 150 kg
Data retrieval through USB
Logging capacity ± 242 days at 10 sec. interval

Omikron V

With the standard Omikron V measurement unit it is possible to measure a set of parameters.

Measurements: Temperature
Electrical conductivity
Flow direction
Flow speed
Battery voltage
Typical delivery: Floating unit including batteries, line and anchor
Instructions for placement and maintenance
License for LoRaWAN of our partners
Webpage to view the readings real-time
CSV export available
Maintenance: Depends on fouling of the sensors
Cleaning is easy
A cleaning interval of months is advised

Dimensions ∅63 x 530 mm
Weight 1,34 kg
Nr of Messages ± 30.000
Frequency band 863-870 MHz
Sensor Accuracy Range
Temperature ± 0,5 °C -10 – 85 °C
Electrical conductivity ± 10 % optional
Flow speed ± 0,1 m/s 0,15 – 5 m/s
Flow direction ± 1 degree 0 – 360 degrees
Battery level ± 10 mV 0 – 5000 mV

Omikron custom measurements

Custom measurements can be fitted into the Omikron system. See possible measurements below. Other measurements on request.

Measurements: pH
Dissolved Oxygen
Oxidation Reduction Potential

Sensor Accuracy Range
pH ± 0,002 0 – 14
D.O. ± 0,05 mg/L 0 - 100 mg/L
O.R.P ± 1 mV 0 – 2000 mV

Omikron service

We can:

  • supply Omikron measurement units
  • take care of placement and maintenance
  • advice on deployment, locations and choice of parameters
  • provide a custom measurement campaign

Omikron service


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